Athens, the US Edition

During my time in St. Louis, I met a girl who had a HUGE impact on my life.

Georgia Bulldogs SEC football
SEC girls of game day.

She taught me to love who I am and where I am from, and she taught me to do what makes me happy. You might be familiar with her work. This girl has an endearing love for her college town, Athens, Georgia.

Didn’t know that the US has our very own Athens? Well now you do!
(It’s not got too many similarities to the original one, but it is extremely charming all the same.)

As an Arkansas Razorbacks fan, G and I created a mutually respectful college football relationship, and when she went back to grad school last year, I vowed to come to a Georgia Bulldogs game.

Here is the proof that I did it:

As per usual, the “Dawgs” put on a great performance, stomping their lesser opponent, Troy. I love college football and especially the SEC.

Now about Athens. Coming from a less notable college town, I loved getting out with a “local” and tromping around town. The weather in Athens was gorgeous, the days were hot and sunny and the nights were cool. Our skin got warm and red at the football game, which is one of my favorite feelings.

G was able to take us around campus and show us the Georgia arch, reserved for those receiving a diploma from the University of Georgia.

University of Georgia Arch
Georgia Arch

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the tradition, “Those who walked under the Arch prior to graduation commencement were to said to never graduate. The tradition began when Daniel Huntley Redfearn, Class of 1910, arrived as a freshman from Boston, Georgia and vowed not to pass beneath the Arch until he had graduated. One of Redfearn’s professors heard the vow and repeated it to his class, and the tradition has stood ever since.” – pretty cool, I think!

We had lunch at the picnic table outside of White Tiger and tried out the newest brewery, Creature Comforts. White Tiger’s food was delicious and there is a resident kitty that might keep you company if you eat outside (which I ALWAYS choose to do if given the option.)

Creature Comforts is a MUST do if you are in Athens. Although I’d heard raves about Terrapin, I had to try the new kid on the block. I don’t remember the exact deal now, but we paid an entry fee and got a Creature Comforts beer glass and 3-4 tastings of the several beers they had on tap. My favorite doesn’t look like it’s on the website (a beer made with coffee!), but they were all delicious, the tour was fun and the staff was wonderfully friendly.

Creature Comforts beer tasting

When I tell you we got out and about, I’m not kidding. Or exaggerating or anything. I was dead tired after this trip. Exactly how I like to be after a get out of town!

We got to see a ton of the classic southern architecture, and I was amazed and how hilly Athens was! G took us to a place she frequents often, and not only for the bar. The Rooftop is on the roof of the famous Georgia Theatre. So, even if there’s not a show going on you’ve got a reason to visit!

We also got drinks at Walker’s Coffee and Pub (I think), which was grand, and I was introduced to late night Fuzzy’s. I know, I know, late night tacos at a place called Fuzzy’s is a little risqué, but just do it!

Not a surprise, all of G’s friends were fun and friendly – and even took VERY good care of us tailgating for the game. True Southern hospitality. Thanks to everyone who shared Athens with me that weekend, it was a trip I won’t forget!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, adios, ciao, sayonara, good-bye!

Published February 2015.

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