Sayonara St. Louis!

Well, the secret’s out… Soon, I will be leaving St. Louis and heading across the state to live in Kansas City.

Since March of 2011, St. Louis has been my home, and although we’ve had our ups and downs, I’d say it’s not some place I’ll never visit again.

In the true fashion of closure, I’ve made a list of things I will miss about the southern city of the north and the northern city of the south. (And don’t worry, I’ll make a list of things I definitely won’t miss as well.)

In no particular order, I will miss:

1. St. Louis festivals

St. Louis has a number of festivals and events going on nearly every weekend of the year, and if it’s a holiday, you can expect that number to double. Mardi Gras, crawfish fest, Balloon Race/Glow, etc. I don’t discriminate, because they all have food and alcohol, but here’s a pic from one of my personal favorites:

Cinco De Mayo


2. St. Louis parks

Specifically, Forest Park, but St. Louis has a great park system in general. If you are looking for something to do, there’s nearly always something going on in some park around town. Parties in the Parks, Food Truck Fridays, Christmas lights, ice skating, softball,  festivals (see previous point), theatre, music, etc.

3.  the St. Louis Cardinals

Yes, some of you probably didn’t see this coming. However, years ago I said that if the Cardinals ever got rid of Albert Pujols, I would be a fan. They did, and I am. Once you go to  a few games, you tend to just get sucked into the sun baked field, hilarious reactions, and adorable players. Yes, David Freese is leaving, but we still have Matt Holiday, Mike Matheny, and Joe Kelly.


4. Crime

Mainly just because the cops have much more serious issues to worry about than speeding or rolling through stop signs… So, not really crime, but I’ll definitely miss the pre-occupied po-po.

5. Neighborhood identities

Not entirely unique, but definitely something special, St. Louis neighborhoods each have their own specific identity. If you want Italian, why would you go anywhere beside the Hill? If you want something classy and trendy at the same time, Central West End. Ethnic Food, head to South Grand. Mexican food, go down Cherokee, but watch your back. Once you are familiar with the identities, you know exactly where to go to get what you want.

6. Soulard

Speaking of neighborhood identities, I’ve lived in Soulard for about two years now. I’m from a small Southern town, and St. Louis seemed cold and isolated when I first made the move North. Then I moved to Soulard. Never have I found a more accepting, generally friendly, laid back crowd. If you ever need someone to just have a drink with, or wave at while walking your dog, Soulard is the place to be. This seems to be a GEM for city neighborhoods.

7. Liquor

Along the same lines, St. Louis city has some of the loosest liquor laws and tons of bars. Need a grocery store? No. Need a post office? No. Need a bar? Pick from these five. I can’t complain. GREAT quality of St. Louis.

8. Location Location Location

St. Louis is by no means situated as conveniently as an east coast city like Philadelphia, but it’s in a great place to make easy weekend trips to some pretty fun places. Chicago, Louisville, Kansas City, and Memphis were all fun. Nashville, you’re next!

9. Food Trucks

Although these already had an honorable mention before, I’d just like to note how much I admire the food trucks of St. Louis. All varieties of food, all over the city, rain or shine. Also, food in general.

I love food. St. Louis has good food.

10. the Arch

From all directions, driving into or through St. Louis, you can catch glimpses of this corny Gateway to the WestAlthough I really didn’t think it was that cool when I first remember seeing it (in 6th grade), I’ve really fallen for it over the years. Still won’t ever ride the elevator up into that swaying loosey goosey monument though…


11. Friends

Friends are the hardest thing about leaving, and that’s why I say “See you!” rather than “Good bye!”

Thanks for reading! Until next time, adios, ciao, sayonara, good-bye!


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