“Custom” Jeans

I’ve heard of people getting their jeans tailored. Such a luxurious sentiment, to have jeans that fit you perfectly. The thought has intrigued me for a long time. As most women do, I, too, have run into many issues shopping for jeans. In my mind, women mostly had jeans tailored for length, hemming them for their so-called “below average” leg length. With seemingly average legs, I shrugged off the idea of getting jeans tailored and went on with my day.

Because of my own jean-shopping issues, I often incorporated a belt into my outfit, spent my moments pulling up my jeans, or even unabashedly whale-tailing as some would call it. Raise your hand if you’ve been there too.

My friends recommended Madewell jeans for my wide hips and smaller waist, which I bought. My thrifty self found a few pairs secondhand on ThredUp, and then scored in the Nordstrom sale by getting 3 pairs for $150. We were getting close. My size 32s were much too large, but the size 31 was a great fit on my thighs and bootaay. And regardless, the gap persisted.

Cue the last straw. When my thong was still hanging out of my high-rise jeans, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. So I explored this idea of tailoring a little more closely.

First, I asked my local neighborhood group for recommendations and then proceeded to get several quotes for waist alterations. Several tailors proceeded to tell me that it would cost approximately $55 per PAIR of jeans which was absolutely not something I was willing to pay for my $50 (or less) pair of jeans. *see above thrifty* So, I decided to pursue my own research. Screw these neighborhood lushes.

That’s when I found Nordstrom alterations. Nordstrom has an alterations department for any clothing that is purchased in their stores. Of note, as long as the brand can be purchased at Nordstrom it absolutely doesn’t matter where exactly you purchased the clothing. AND, you can make an appointment without cold-calling someone. So I did.

I made a 30-minute appointment (good for up to four garments!), but if you have more you can book an hour and bring eight items. And, you can book an appointment just for monogramming! My nerves were running a little wild trusting someone with my beloved jeans, so I decided to bring in three pairs and hold back two just in case something went completely awry.

On the morning of my appointment, I showed up at the alterations department on the second floor of Nordstrom and the young, trendy ladies dressed in all black told me to wait in the dressing room, a seamstress would be with me shortly. Renata soon joined me in the tailoring room. She first checked me in on a tablet, and then instructed me to wear each item out into the fully mirrored room. For each pair, I stepped up on a riser and she pulled the back of my jeans to mark how much fabric needed to be taken out and marked each with chalk. After each pair, she indicated the alteration in the tablet and within minutes I was done with my fashion show.

Renata told me that each alteration would cost $25, and gave me my total and a ticket to take back to the register. My jeans would be ready within 10 or so days, and I’d receive a text when they were done – how convenient! She then tried to upsell me into a Nordstrom credit card which I absolutely do not need. I politely declined, paid at the register, and headed on my way.

Fast forward to the day my text came in – my loving husband offered to pick up my precious package from the department store. The sales associate asked him if he wanted to try on the garments when he picked them up to make sure they fit, and he assured her they would not. The garments arrived in a fancy garment bag on hangers, in a much nicer state than I left them. And then, the try on!

Can I just pause here and say doubting yourself really sucks? Because of my self-doubt, it took me several days to get the nerve to try these new and improved jeans on. FINALLY, I did. And… they were perfect. And even with wearing, still perfect. I somehow even look better IN the jeans? Because they just fit right.

Thanks for following along!

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