Buffalo City, Arkansas

Arkansas Tidbit #3

As much as I love traveling and finding new places and trying new things, that doesn’t mean I’m invincible to homesickness.

It’s one of the two things I’m not invincible to actually. The other is strep.
Homesickness and Strep can both take me down in a hot minute.

Not only am I missing home (and my family)- I’m missing the ability to lay on the boat and soak up the sun.

One of my favorite places to do this, is Buffalo City, Arkansas.

The White River and the Buffalo River are both in Buffalo City. My family spends a TON of time at Buffalo City when the sun is out. Motoring up the White River to go trout fishing, or dragging the boat up the Buffalo River to float down is a family past time. (It can get VERY shallow.)

Little known fact about this area, but probably one of the coolest (ok give me at least Top 50… No? Dang.) things you’ve ever heard, the White and Buffalo rivers actually run together at Buffalo City.

The White River is f-f-f-freezing, and in the summer the Buffalo River feels like a hot bath.

SO, when you’re boating from one river to the next, you can put your hand in the water and actually feel the exact place where the rivers meet. It’s only a matter of seconds that it takes to go from a frost-bitten hand to one that feels like it’s melting.

So don’t miss it!

About this time of year, when the weather’s not being a crazy psychopath (YOU NEED THERAPY WEATHER!), we usually start heading “down to the river.”

Fingers crossed that this happens soon.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, adios, ciao, sayonara, good-bye!

2 thoughts on “Buffalo City, Arkansas

  1. Sometimes it’s the least expected places like Buffalo City that we enjoy the most. The world is funny like that.

    You should come over to Yonderlist and rate some of the places you’ve been – like Buffalo City, Arkansas. You could be an authoritative voice in our travel blogging community. I think people would really appreciate hearing from you. If you’re interested, check out http://yonderlist.wordpress.com and just hit “submit”.

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